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This site will be a source of both current and past news about medications used to treat asthma.

Three most important facts about the treatment of asthma.

1. More woman than men, a ratio of 3:1 in fact, after the age of 16 have asthma.

2. All that wheezes is not asthma is a very common saying around the hospital and it is always wise to remember this when seeing a patient with "wheezing".

3. Asthma is usually a very treatable illness and most patients should not fear having asthma though it is often a life long condition.

One recent article that was just published in JACI looks at the use of a very popular medicine in pediatric asthma and allergy. Click here to read my review.

What is the best inhaled corticosteroid to use? Here is my thoughts on Asmanex!


Does Singulair help with Allergy Injections?

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Soon I will review the "black box" warning for Advair.